Andhadhun movie review

Andhadhun- Every Artist Has a Secret

Nenu ae topic meeda article raayala ani alochisthunapd sudden ga naa youtube suggestions lo Andhadhun ane oka hindi trailer ochindi. Dani thumbnail chudagaane mana “Ee nagariniki emaindi ” first poster flavour lo undhi, so inka play chesesa.After seeing the trailer i can simply say as it will be one of the best different genre films of this year. Ee article chadive mundu meeru okasari ee trailer ni chudandi

Trailer chusara ? ela anpinchindi ? excited ga feel ayyara!!!!!!same here aa trailer chudagane edho oka kotha experience, oka excitement naalo ,inka cheppali ante waiting for this movie anthe.

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What We See in Trailer?

Trailer open chesina first shot  lo hero face water lo untaadi akkade clear ga chudochu hero ki  eye balls green colour lo untayi,madyalo inko shot lo kuda hero eyes chupistaru akkada kuda eye balls green colour lo untayi,so hero blind,and athanu oka piano player,and ikkade director hide and seek stroy writing start chestaadu.oka murder ,chesinavadini hide chesadu and murder ayina vadini hide chesadu vethakadaniki hero ni pamputadu ikkade asalu point mana hero blind,ah case ela solve avtadi,hero ki case ki link enti,annadi story,hero blind kaadu anna point of view lo manam movie ki vellali ani ,hero blind ani prove cheyadaniki two scenes untayi trailer lo,i think it is just to mislead us, but wait  ”every artist has a secret ” thats our main twist in the story,whole story ki e okka line e turning point,denikosamanna movie ki vellali,so overall ga it is from makers of kahaani so chala twists and turns  in the story ani expect cheyochu.

Frames of Trailer

Firstly, ee Andhadhun movie gurinchi cheppali ante ee movie music ,trailer lo 0:02 seconds nunchi 0:19 seconds varaku oche drum beat ayithe marvellous. Aa tarvata From the producers of ane tile card apdu start ayye music kooda oka masterpiece,And manaki ee trailer oka thriller feel teppinchadaniki karaname ee backgorund music.I think Amit Trivedi proved again his worth.

Coming to Andhadhun title cards, Production company names dagara nunchi film makers gurinchi pade titles varaku some edo magic feel avtham. Daniki Karanam aa white background screen lo top nunchi pade black items and red color font added extra essence to them.Actually aa black and white combination hero blind ani chepadaniki vadaaru.

Andhadhun movie

In addition to all of these, Andhadhun’s cast and crew is a main asset to the film. Coming to cast, Tabu, Ayushman Khurana and Radhika Apte veelu andharu already vaala talent prove cheskunnavaale and the captain of ship the director “SRIRAM RAGHAVAN” ithanu theesina movies takkuve aina avi create chesina impact matram chaala ekkuva.

so by taking all these considerations manam ee cinema meeda hopes pettukovachu.


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  1. This was really awesome to get into deep details of the trailer. Many don’t seem aome specific things specifically, but you showed us them with your words. That’s really great.


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